Horizon BCBSNJ

Horizon BCBSNJ Mobile Website

Horizon BCBSNJ's most popular online features at your fingertips

Horizon BCBSNJ approached VJ STUDIO to establish a mobile experience that would enable customers to easily find healthcare coverage, search for medical providers, get access to healthcare related topics and more — all from a mobile device.

Find a plan, get a quote

We believe it's important for Horizon BCBSNJ's customers to truly understand health insurance plans, especially when shopping for the right one.

We built a mobile experience with features that not only let you study healthcare products but also allow you to get an instant quote for an individual health insurance plan — right from your mobile device.

Search for providers

How many times were you on the go when you needed to locate a medical provider in a particular location, with special skills, and the one that does accept your insurance?

We thought, Horizon BCBSNJ's customers should have these capabilities while being away from the home or office computer, easily searching for medical providers, using nothing but a mobile phone.

Stay healthy. Learn how

The idea of providing customers with healthcare related topics is not new to Horizon BCBSNJ, but what if customers want this information on their mobile devices?

We created a special mobile section that gives customers access to all the information sources on healthcare related topics, result oriented programs and a variety of discounts on medical related services.

The new mobile website puts aside all competition in the industry by not only offering useful features and convenience, but also introducing a unique design that transforms customer experience and strengthens the brand.

Horizon BCBSNJ Mobile Website

Strengthen a brand & improve market share

VJ STUDIO has helped Horizon BCBSNJ to meet their customers wherever they are, in particular, customers who live online and on the go. The new mobile website increases Horizon BCBSNJ's chances to capture new corners of the market and ensures the brand's success across channels, consumers and competitors.

Bolster customer relationship marketing

We've developed a mobile website that plays a great role providing Horizon BCBSNJ's audience with what they want, exactly when they want it. Anywhere and at anytime, Horizon BCBSNJ and their customers, have an opportunity to communicate, improving everyday interactions that lead to customer satisfaction.