Encoda. Powers the marketing process management in a 4,700+ employee company

VJ STUDIO developed an enterprise-level, process management system for Horizon BCBSNJ that automates document intensive, approval-based marketing processes across departments and systems, delivering the most intuitive user experience.


Designed to automate core business processes to improve efficiency, coordinate process flows that determine how assets work together, reduce costs and significantly increase assurance compliance inside and outside the organization.


Simplifies process management success with a business-driven approach, visualizing the entire process, right in front of your eyes. Unified process foundation helps manage the complete process lifecycle across multiple departments.


Dramatically improves traditional project management productivity with professional execution, business performance analysis and team collaboration capabilities, keeping employees highly motivated and engaged into their work.

VJ STUDIO’s work led to the creation of a fundamentally new way to dramatically improve Horizon BCBSNJ's' traditional project management experience with professional execution and team collaboration capabilities.

Working with Encoda


Dramatically improves efficiency through robust functionality, automatic notifications and team collaboration, while cutting costs, minimizing cycle times, and maximizing resources.


Know your real-time project status and make timely project management decisions by understanding how changes at any point in the process affect the end-to-end process overall.

Analysis & reporting

Sophisticated analysis and reporting of all current and finalized projects, with a single data repository that keeps and manages all project-related data, files and employee communications logs.


A tiered .NET application with multiple components and a web-based user interface with extensive support for 3rd party systems that can be easily integrated with organization's existing systems.