Retail & brand environments


We help brands define its relationship with customers by transforming physical space into meaningful experiences.

At VJ STUDIO, we believe the brand environment is a physical reflection of the brand story, where your audience connect emotionally and interact with your offerings.

We design spaces and experiences to define the relationship between the brand and audience. We want to engage customers across all the senses, whether it's a corporate lobby, retail store or a tradeshow. We think of a space design as the art of appealing to customers' emotions, providing them with the most tangible experiences a brand can offer.

We offer a unique approach to branded environments — combining design and architecture with refined customer insights and a distinctive strategy to the space.

Interactive digital environments

Besides our expertise in design, planning, merchandising and implementation work — we specialize in building in-store digital experiences. We build personalized experiences where customers feel more connected to the brand interacting with products, services or even communicating with a virtual salesperson.

We are working on brining innovations and engaging experiences that attract our clients' customers and resemble what they can achieve online. Some of these technologies, such as digital kiosks, touchscreen billboards, smartphones — make shopping experiences to be lively, colorful, experiential and more intelligent.