Mobile & emerging media


There are over 5 billion mobile devices in the world today and that number is growing fast.

We develop rich mobile experiences that can help your brand expand, connect with customers and provide real value.

Today, mobile brand engagement is the biggest opportunity of the digital age and it plays an increasingly important role in our clients' marketing efforts.

We focus on everything that has to do with a consumer's mobile devices and how our clients' brands connect to these consumers on their mobile devices. We look at the mobile channel as a long-term consumer engagement platform that we can use to communicate with consumers on a more personal level.

VJ STUDIO Mobile Team works with clients to create strategies, applications and web experiences for mobile platforms. We help our clients to realize the power of the mobile platform and connect with consumers. So instead of worrying about the future, our clients can simply embrace it.

We outline opportunities and create strategies for mobile marketing initiatives by forming strategic roadmaps, selecting platforms and creating content that is audience and brand appropriate.


Mobile websites

We build rich web experiences for mobile users that can be accessed from the variety of mobile devices.

Consumers who access sites from mobile devices have different needs and expectations. It concerns design, functionality and content. We create mobile websites and optimize experiences that can help your brand provide real value.


We develop applications for all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Our clients always look for new ways to interact with their target audience on a deeper and more personal level. We help them to open a whole new channel, creating brand experiences that make people engage with, in new and exciting ways.


Mobile games can be used as major marketing strategy by transforming brand messages into play-fueled engaging experiences. Between 70–80% of all mobile downloads are games, representing a huge marketing opportunity to interact with potential customers.

We create innovative game experiences for all major platforms by utilizing latest industry standard technologies. From concept through development, we build mobile games that find a way to connect with the target audience and deliver the message.

Emerging media

What can we say, we are obsessed about new media and that's what keep our clients on top of the game. There is always a new device, new application, new technology that offers a new experience of doing something that your audience will demand.

We create exceptional interactive experiences for mobile, gaming and digital out-of-home platforms. Our emerging media specialists always study new digital developments and offer new opportunities for our clients and their customers.