Interaction & website design


How consumers interact with your brand in digital world is crucial to your business success.

We turn insightful ideas into intelligent, beautiful and extremely intuitive interactive experiences that people want to spend time with.

VJ STUDIO Interaction Design Team has a simple agenda — to make it easy, fun and as productive as possible for people to do things, find information and spend time in the digital world. Our team of artists, designers and user experience specialists help clients achieve the optimal mix of brand, functionality, and usability.



We have been designing websites since the '90s specializing in corporate websites, ecommerce storefronts and campaign microsites. Websites must represent a brand, but speak the customer's language without losing their identity and irresistible appeal.

We work very closely with our clients by uncovering the real needs of their audience. By understanding how users interact with websites, and linking that knowledge to a new development, we design websites that effectively speak to everyone.

Online advertising

Different forms of banners, contextual ads and rich media are very important for our clients in order to get their message out to the audience. But we don't like advertising that just shout at us. We would rather have advertising that starts a compelling conversation.

VJ STUDIO Interaction Design Team deploys some of the most innovative digital advertising solutions. Our interactive ads communicate with our clients' customers and encourage them to act, share and participate without interrupting their experience.

Enterprise portals

We help our clients to reach their employees on every level. We improve our clients' internal communications and dramatically increase operational efficiencies by implementing state of the art Intranets/Extranets and enterprise information portals.

We design enterprise portals around clear business objectives with employee's needs and work processes clearly in mind, delivering a single, cohesive user experience that enables more efficient communication, personalization, and multi-level security.

Application GUI

How your employees interact with your everyday business applications is crucial to your organization's success. In order to be productive and complete tasks fast and accurately, they require simplicity, speed and intuitiveness from your business applications.

VJ STUDIO Interaction Design Team works close with our clients to maximize their business efficiency and durability by designing intuitive, engaging experiences and interfaces that inspire their employees and simplify their day-to-day operations.