Integrated, multi-channel campaigns


One brilliant communication message — multiple destinations. We deliver integrated multi-channel campaigns across all relevant channels.

The power of TV, print and Internet are undeniable, but only one part of a story. We build campaigns across the spectrum of distribution channels both in physical and digital spaces.

Today, a campaign is much more than just a print ad, TV commercial or radio spot. There is no a predetermined solution. The idea can come from different directions, different minds whether it's a traditional ad or a an iPhone app. All that matters is getting consumers to fall in love with our clients' products and services.

We specialize in building consistent integrated campaigns that live across multiple channels, on TV, in print, on the web, in your mobile device, outside your home and everywhere else where your target audience is. Our purpose is to create a singular, resonant idea upon which we can build a series of advertisement messages that appear in different media.



Starting with understanding your goals and consumer insights, we combine creativity, innovation and a lot of imagination to inspire your targeted audiences.

  • We begin with you. Our first step is always to understand your company, your goals, your competition and most importantly your customers.
  • Then, we create an emotional connection between your brand and consumers, ideas that are powerful enough to expand your sales and marketing goals.
  • Once we finalize the idea, we proceed with identifying the most appropriate media channels for communicating messages that consumers will remember and talk about.
  • And finally, we create advertising, these unique communication messages that can be anything from print ads to interactive experiences on a digital billboard.

Media channels

Our ideas embrace the most appropriate channels connecting with the consumer at the right place, in the right time with the most compelling message.

Although our expertise has grown along with the media landscape itself and today we deliver integrated advertising campaigns that live across the following channels:

  • Print;
  • TV;
  • Internet;
  • Mobile;
  • Interactive platforms.