Brand identity


Just like people, some brands have style and some, well... not so much.

A great brand stands out in the crowd. It's clear, consistent and it creates an emotional connection with your audiences. VJ STUDIO's designers, writers, artists and strategists — all work together to bring our clients' brands to life.

We design elegant identities, visual systems and guidelines, walk clients through the naming process, design literature and develop packaging systems that illuminate, enhance and expand the core tenets of the brand.



A great name captures what the brand offers. It creates contrast and resonates with its audience. We create names that set you apart from your competition and carry brands to audiences in the most effective manner.

By bringing together our expertise and research, we develop corporate, product and service names that create a positive impact on our clients' brands and simplify the connection with the audience.

Visual identity

First impression is almost always visual. We believe your brand must do much more than just capture attention — it must capture your strategy and live in the minds of your customers, influencing their perceptions.

We combine analytics and creativity to create leading visual identities that cover everything from a logo, color palette, typography, graphic motifs and imagery style to all sorts of guidelines.


Print literature provides opportunities to engage and communicate your brand to your target audience. But more importantly — it is about leading your audience to where you need them to go.

We apply your brand to all sorts of printed material. We produce effective business collateral and design corporate literature that encourages dialogue and promotes brand understanding.


When we say digital, we mean much more than just websites. Your digital brand has a life of its own, always interacting with your audiences through your websites, mobile apps, interactive kiosks, business applications, digital documents and more.

Our capabilities and resources ensure that you always have new ways to meet your customers digital needs and demands aligning all your digital experiences with your organization's goals.

Packaging design

Your product needs to instantly connect with shoppers and make a positive first impression. The way it's presented on shelves is going to be your single most significant selling tool and the last opportunity to influence consumers' purchasing decisions.

Good things come in great packages. We make your product look good. We create character where there is none. We create packaging design that stands out by connecting emotionally with your consumers.