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Digital agency, passionate about creating engaging experiences.


We define, design and deliver, remarkable brand experiences and exceptional technology innovation.

We are a digital agency known for many things. Marketing. Advertising. Technology. You name it. But at the end, it is all about helping forward-looking companies build meaningful connections with their audiences.

VJ STUDIO is a multi-discipline, creatively driven marketing, advertising and technology company. We serve as a full-service digital agency of record, tackle large scale projects and partner with companies that demand fresh creative ideas, advanced technology solutions, highest quality work and strong long term relationships.

We are a team of strategists, designers, producers and technologists who share a passion for generating great ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative user experiences — offline, online and in all the places our clients' business touches people's lives.


VJ STUDIO employees working

Founded in 1999, VJ STUDIO became a successful design and technology company, and later quickly evolved into a full-service digital marketing agency. Today, we have more then 40 awards and recognitions, around 50 employees, 3 offices, operate a subsidiary offshore technology outsourcing company and still are 100% independently owned.

We position ourselves as a boutique agency with obsessive attention to detail with a personal approach — but offer big agency capabilities and expertise. We maintain long-term working relationships with organizations of all sizes, from large multinationals to startups, both B2B and consumer-focused, as well as both product and service companies.


We believe every client is unique and requires tailored solutions. We also believe that blending our diverse skills and aspiring to the highest quality — we produce better, more innovative outcomes.


We combine the skills of team members across multiple disciplines to create a true synergy between technical excellence, strategic business thinking, and creative inspiration.


We are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including creative, technology and strategy. Our success comes from the superb line of products and technology that we develop and borrow to deliver extraordinary results.


We deliver ideas that drive business results. We materialize them, building engaging experiences. We've always got an eye on the future, continually launching new services to help you stay ahead of the game.


You get exceptional thinkers, years of wisdom and experience building meaningful relationships with customers.

Most our clients would describe us as a full-service agency (and they would be correct). We like to think of ourselves as a boutique studio, offering unique perspective, unconventional vision and meticulous personal approach.

In order to truly know "how to do it", we get to the heart and soul of your audiences, their perceptions, motivations and needs. We spend time studying your organization, its processes and people. We do everything to understand the real value of what you do and deliver.

When we are armed with a deep understanding of your situation, we research, explore, brainstorm and plan each engagement. We encourage business, creative and technical collaborations. We have spent years defining and refining proprietary research methods. Our entrepreneurial spirit and independent mindset have always ensured our delivery.