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The disruptive sale

Disruptive sales is the technique of doing something either completely contrary to what your competition does or doing something so outlandish that it makes an impression.

Devising a sales plan that creates a buzz isn't something that you just wake up and do, it requires serious effort. These four steps will help you generate unique marketing plans that will leave people scratching their heads while they clamor to make the purchase.

Stand on your head

Before you can have a game-changing sales idea, you have to ditch any preconceived notions about what makes a great marketing plan. If it's already been done before it's not going to be buzz worthy and it's not going to work. Think outside the box is too small, think off the table that the box is sitting on, think outside the room, outside the building, and then you're halfway there.

Think huge

Just like thinking outside the box isn't enough, thinking big isn't enough either. You need to think audacious — something so large that anyone in their right mind would think that you are crazy. This goes for everything from sales goals to minimalist budgeting.

Identify what others are doing

Identify some other viral sales campaigns and what they did that separated them from the pack. Some great examples are the AFLAC duck, GEICOs cavemen and gecko, the E*Trade toddler, even Ford's use of multimedia kiosks at Bonnaroo and the viral ILikeBees Halo 2 campaigns. Be inspired.

Market during the off season

Identify the time of year that your competition is not advertising and capitalize on it. The best time to try an unorthodox approach is when there is nobody to compete against.

The most important thing to remember about a disruptive sales campaign is that it often delivers sales in ways that don't show up in standard metrics. After all, it's not a standard, measurable campaign. The idea behind the disruptive campaign is to get your brand name recognized and make it something that is going to be remembered when your rival company's advertising is presented.

Building a story around your campaign and turning it in new and unexpected directions will get your buyer's attention and have them anticipating the next chapter in your unexpected story. This anticipation will generate speculation and conversation — two of the greatest marketing tools ever invented.